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Health and Safety Manager

Goris, AM

Job Summary: 

The successful candidate will manage and maintain an effective Health and Safety management system including managing a health and safety functional team for the ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade Vorotan-Armenia, which covers but does not limit to the work organization, various technologies, workplaces, and equipment as well as contractors taking part in the works.

Since 2015, ContourGlobal has been successfully operating the Vorotan Cascade, or the ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade, a complex of 3 hydroelectric power stations with an overall capacity of 404.2 MW. ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade is among Armenia's main power generation complexes, providing both peak and base load generation and performing grid stabilization services. The complex is located in Syunik region of the Republic of Armenia, 240 km to the South-East of Yerevan, on the Vorotan river.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Review, monitor and manage an effective risk-based health and safety management system (local procedures with clear and simple processes) with the objective of continuous improvement.
  • Establish, review, and manage an up-to-date baseline Hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA)
  • Support Plant Manager by developing and implementing appropriate health and safety governance structures for each hydro power plant and for the overall asset to discuss, monitor and review health and safety performance, compliance and status of implementation of actions.  
  • Review and maintain an updated health and safety legal register and perform and maintain compliance monitoring to applicable legal and other requirements. 
  • Develop, implement, monitor compliance, and continuously improve safe systems of work/programs for high, medium, and low risk activities.
  • Work with the different functional teams to ensure that the hierarchy of control measures are implemented, 
  • maintained, and monitored for different hazards identified.
  • Develop and implement at pre-defined frequencies training and awareness needs analysis, content and programs for different target groups for all routine and non-routine activities, equipment and tools used, safe systems of work and legal and organisational requirements.
  • Performing internal inspections, self-audits, and compliance checks to ensure compliance to internal, organisational, and legal requirements.
  • Develop and implement an effective and appropriate Contract and Contractor health and safety management.
  • Develop and implement health and safety awareness and culture improvement campaigns for employees and contractors.
  • Develop and implement corrective action and preventative action processes for addressing non-conformances, non-compliance, breach of health and safety requirements. 
  • Develop, implement and manage effective and timeous incident management processes.
  • Develop, implement and manage effective and timeous emergency preparedness and evacuation response process.
  • Develop and implement an effective health and safety documentation control and records management process.
  • Identify and manage internal and external stakeholder expectations. Define and implement processes for identifying, compiling, reviewing, and approving health and safety reporting expectations.
  • Perform coaching and advisory support to the different functional teams and persons to improve health and safety awareness and competence.
  • Perform research and benchmarking into identifying best practices, techniques, and technologies to prevent serious injuries and fatalities.
  • Manage health and safety functional team and coordinate the activity of the department.
  • Prepare OPEX and Capex budgets for health and safety.

Commit To Lead with Our Values  

  • Commit to CG values as expressed in the Essential Information. Model the values in any interaction internally and externally.
  • Put Health and Safety First.
  • Embrace Timely Transparency.
  • Model the 3Cs – Communication, Collaboration and Coordination.
  • Embrace Failure analysis and continuous improvement including Five Whys.
  • Seek out ways to incorporate technology and Artificial Intelligence into the company’s legal practice.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health & Safety, or related field required, Master’s degree desirable.
  • Trained subject matter expertise familiar with OSHA regulations, NEBOSH (and /or other certifications e.g., CSHM, First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor).
  • At least 5 years of work experience in managerial position.
  • Strong knowledge of Health & Safety regulatory and legal framework according to the RALabor Code and other relevant legislation and legal acts.
  • Knowledge of operations rules of power stations, facilities and networks, manuals for operation of instruments and facilities.
  • Fluency in English (written and verbal).
  • Strong coaching and leadership skills. 

Travel Requirements – this position will require travel to the different hydro power plants, reservoirs, and offices in order to work with and support the teams on site.


ContourGlobal is a power generation company committed to new growth in thermal and renewable technologies. Our mission is to develop, acquire and operate electricity generation businesses worldwide, creating economic and social value through better operations, and making the communities where we work better because we are there.


- To care about our people’s health, safety, well-being and development.
- To act transparently and with moral integrity.
- To work hard and without boundaries as a multinational, integrated team.
- To expect, embrace and enable excellence and continuous learning through humility, and the knowledge that we will fail but when we do, we will learn.
- To honor the commitments of those who have placed their trust in us.