Electrical Supervisor

Kibuye, RW, 6679

In the position of an Electrical Engineer, the employee shall have the following responsibilities;

  • Lead, supervise and coordinate direct reports on technical activities and projects for both Electrical and Control & Instrumentation (C&I) teams, to assign and map competence with skill set requirement for each task at any given time
  • Ensure all facility electrical appliances and equipment maintenance activities (corrective, preventive, predictive and planned outage/major overhauls) are optimized and executed timely and in a safe manner
  • Lead as task owner and coordinator for complete scope of work (Electiral and C&I) for contracted tasks
  • Assist in start-ups, shutdowns, troubleshooting and normal operations of the facility equipment and systems
  • Responsible for taking corrective action during system operational disturbance or report such to attention of operation and maintenance supervisors
  • Prepare and complete timely electrical and C&I maintenance logs and running records for monthly reports in clear and concise manner as required in by the guidelines
  • Actively participate in technical activities ensuring compliance of Electrical and C&I regulatory requirement by authorities and other stakeholders
  • Utilize with care the electrical and C&I; testing, calibration, adjusting and repair tools and equipment in a manner to maximize their useful operating life and ensure the same practice is applicable for the direct reports
  • Ensure that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) instructions are read, implemented, and followed to ensure correct equipment functional, economical and safe operation
  • Act immediately and responsibly in case of fire, gas release, emergency alarm and accident with aim of minimising property damage, casualties or fatalities on site as may be assigned.
  • Conduct on-job training through coaching and mentoring interns, trainees, and junior electrical and C&I technicians.
  • Communicates, Coordinate and Collaborate, Timely and Transparently planning of activities with Gas Extraction Manager and Operation Manager, Maintenance Manager, Warehouse Supervisor and Marine Supervisor.
  • Manage electrical and C&I maintenance plan, schedule, applicable maintenance, and safety checklist in maintenance CMMS (CWorks to date) system for weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual, bi-annual activities etc
  • Actively participate in condition monitoring campaigns for Condition-based maintenance and generating predictive interventions where it is critical.
  • Initiate Management Of Change (MOC) proposal, presentation, and reviews for required improvement and modification in the facility
  • Keep up to date facilities documentation, single-line diagrams, electircal and automation wiring diagrams, Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Maintenance Procedures, and Management of Change procedures
  • Ensure best quality of executed works. Ensure completion of each project/work assigned to him and his direct reports
  • Assists warehouse department with technical intepretation and product specific inventory knowledge when and if needed.
  • Engage productively in continuously improvement through failure analyses (including 5 whys analysis) and disseminate lessons learnt for the benefit of the group
  •  Work with teammates to ensure there is adequate planned maintenance and safety critical parts stock are available in the warehouse.
  • Perform other activities as may be assigned by the maintenance manager/supervisor from time to time


Academic Qualification


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or equivalent with relevant experience shall be considered.




  • 6 years of proven relevant work experience as an electrical supervisor
  • Reading and accurate interpretation of electrical wiring diagrams, schematics and P&IDs
  • Electrical devices testing, adjusting, repair and calibration experience will be an added advantage
  • Proven solid analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Foundation project management skills and task prioritization to meet set timelines will be an added advantage
  • Experience with Siemens PLC Step 7, DCS, Allen-Bradley PLCs, industrial ethernet networks, Profibus networks and instrumentations
  • Strong team leadership and management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of commercial and industrial electrical systems.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Familiarity with electrical and safety codes, procedures and requirements 
  • Advanced troubleshooting skills
  • A good and keen attention to details
  • Proficiently in Microsoft Office products such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Power Point.
  • Good level of written and spoken English



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- To care about our people’s health, safety, well-being and development.
- To act transparently and with moral integrity.
- To work hard and without boundaries as a multinational, integrated team.
- To expect, embrace and enable excellence and continuous learning through humility, and the knowledge that we will fail but when we do, we will learn.
- To honor the commitments of those who have placed their trust in us.