Operations Technician

Kibuye, RW, 6679

[Operations Technician]

ContourGlobal develops, acquires, and operates power generation facilities with proven and cutting-edge energy technologies. We are an international high-growth company, founded in 2005, that has grown exponentially to own and operate a fleet of renewable and thermal assets, located in 20 countries across 4 continents.

Wherever we operate, we are committed to the highest standards of health and safety, environmental, social responsibility, and our people’s well-being. Our longstanding ESG pledge includes becoming net-zero carbon by 2050.

Acquisition of ContourGlobal by the US private-equity fund KKR will enable us greatly to further expand our portfolio, increase investment in the energy transition, and take advantage of new opportunities in our core markets.

Our multinational, integrated team of almost 1500 people prides itself on our culture and values, and welcomes entrepreneurial, innovative, ambitious, and collaborative professionals to come join us.

Job Summary:

The role entails operating both the barge and the powerplant.

Key Responsibilities:

In his quality of Operations Technician, the Employee shall have the following responsibilities

  • Ensure that the ContourGlobal (CG) Policies are fully understood and followed at the Power Plant (including CG Essential information _ Company Values, Anti-Corruption, Supplier Code of Conduct, Health Safety & Environment, obligations to local communities, etc)
  • Ensure the Health, Safety & Environmental obligations with respect to ContourGlobal Policies, Lenders & other legislations (locally or regionally) are strictly followed and are timely reported.
  • A close follow-up of Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) activities on site with respect to Power generation at the Power Plant. Additionally, ensuring that the main procedures are duly implemented and followed, for instance: Permit To Work (PTW), Job Safety and Environmental Analyses (JSEA), Lock-Out/Tag-out (LOTO) procedures are being respected; Safety rules are being respected _ correct wearing of PPEs, site access control, vehicle management, incident reporting etc. HSE site and work inspections are being done (including inspection level 1 and level 2 as per CG policies)
  • Be a project sponsor in corporate environmental and social responsibility activities undertaking by CG & Kivuwatt Ltd

While at Powerplant.

  • Act immediately and responsibly in case of fire, gas release emergency alarm and accident that might happen on site.
  • Ensuring safe, reliable and commercially sound operation of the plant during the shift
  • Monitoring and operation of Wartsila gas engines- W20V34SG and its auxiliaries
  • Start and stop the equipment in according to the instruction of the operation shift engineer
  • Monitoring and operation of other equipment, such as reverse osmosis plant, gas reduction station, electrical station
  • Making plant load related and other operational decisions according to the standard operating procedures
  • Ensuring proper housekeeping in the plant, including the cleaning of the site and equipment
  • Keeping accurate electronic and paper records to comply with the company’s internal systems (including LOTO system) and procedures and the local, country-specific rules and regulations.
  • Ensure a close monitoring of all parameters directly read on equipment/control panels/etc; In case of any anomalies/deviations, to inform immediately the Operations Shift Supervisor
  • Perform routine and first line maintenance
  • Identification and correction of simple malfunctions of the plant
  • Performance of routine maintenance on the gas engines according to Wartsila routine maintenance schedule such as compressor washing, tightening of loose bolts and nuts etc
  • Verify the level of the oil and chemicals and prepare the daily list of the stocks
  • Open and close the electrical breaker on the low and medium voltage station
  • Ensure proper and timely communication GEF team and REG in case of load changes or any emergencies related to operation of the plant
  • Ensure proper coordination with the car drivers to attain efficient and effective movement of personal and other items
  • Actively participate in formulating and reviewing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • All other tasks assigned to you by your supervisor


While at GEF

  • Participate in supervision and monitoring of planned and unplanned repairs on the GEF fleet equipment 
  • Ensure safe, reliable and commercially sound operation of the GEF during the shift.  
  • Provide to start and stop the gas compressor, pumps, gen-sets and other auxiliaries in according to the instruction received from shift supervisor or/and Gas Production Manager 
  • Monitor the operation parameters of the gas compressor, pumps, gen-sets and other auxiliaries and immediately report the detected malfunctions and deviations in the operation of the compressor  
  • Provide first line maintenance of the gas compressor, pumps, gen-sets and other auxiliaries and immediately report the detected malfunctions and deviations in the operation of the compressor  
  • Read, understand, interpret and implement SOP of GEF. 
  • Read, understand and interpret P&ID of GEF and identify position on field of P&ID elements. 
  • Basic HMI SCADA screen operation 
  • Provide troubleshooting help and analysis of equipment; review, inspect, and diagnose possible root cause, notify appropriate personnel, rectify issues; 
  • Ensuring proper housekeeping in the GEF, including the cleaning of the site and equipment  
  • Keeping accurate electronic and paper records to comply with the company’s internal systems and procedures. 
  • Identification and correction of simple malfunctions of the plant 
  • Verify the level of performances of the equipment and correct the parameters in according with the Operations Shift Supervisor and/or Operations Senior Technician 
  • All other tasks requested by your supervisor 



  • Bachelor of Engineering (electrical or mechanical) or equivalent to that degree
  • Experience in working in a Power Plant or having trained in Operations is an added advantage
  • Good level (written and spoken) in English and French (optional)
  • Proficiently in Microsoft Office products such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Power Point & Adobe Pdf.
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Knowledge in interpreting P&IDs and Electrical wiring diagrams

Commit to Lead with Our Values

  • Commitment to CG values as expressed in the Essential Information, Business Ethics and Code of Conduct. Model the values in any interaction internally and externally.
  • Prioritizing health and Safety
  • Embracing Timeliness and Transparency
  • Model the 3Cs – Communication, Collaboration and Coordination
  • Enabling excellence and embracing Failure analysis incontinuous learning and improvement environment including using Root Cause Analysis tools such as - but not limited - to 5-Whys
  • Seek out ways to harness and integrate relevant technology and Artificial Intelligence in engineering and maintenance practice.


ContourGlobal is a power generation company committed to new growth in thermal and renewable technologies. Our mission is to develop, acquire and operate electricity generation businesses worldwide, creating economic and social value through better operations, and making the communities where we work better because we are there.


- To care about our people’s health, safety, well-being and development.
- To act transparently and with moral integrity.
- To work hard and without boundaries as a multinational, integrated team.
- To expect, embrace and enable excellence and continuous learning through humility, and the knowledge that we will fail but when we do, we will learn.
- To honor the commitments of those who have placed their trust in us.