Who we are

ContourGlobal is a company where individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for excellence, and who want to make a difference, thrive. We seek diverse, skilled and collaborative individuals to join our ranks and continue building our global business.

Our talented dedicated people are at the heart of our success – living our values and applying our principles around the world to great effect.

Our People

Employing and developing great people

We are committed to recruiting and retaining great people and developing their skills and capabilities around the world. We want everyone at ContourGlobal to excel and go far, so they can realize their own individual goals and also achieve more as part of a close-knit multinational team.

Giving our people the best start

We place great emphasis on integrating new employees into the ContourGlobal way of doing things. This is increasingly important as we continue to grow and expand. We have a comprehensive onboarding program, including giving new hires significant exposure to other employees throughout the organization, and training that includes topics on anti-corruption and human rights.

Enhancing learning and development

We are deeply committed to enabling our people to learn and develop as much as possible. To this end, we provide a broad range of training courses and development opportunities.

Our Culture

Cultivating an open collaborative culture

We focus on cultivating a very open and transparent work environment across ContourGlobal. It is exemplified by our 3Cs: communication, collaboration, coordination, and 2Ts (Timely Transparency). We are using technology to help reinforce our close, collaborative culture.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

The “5 Whys” is a technique used in the Analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology and helps us peel away the layers of symptoms that can lead to the root cause of a problem. When a problem occurs, we drill down to its root cause by asking “Why?” five times and its effectiveness lies in the fact that the answers come from people who have hands-on experience of the process or problem in question.

Growth Culture

For our people, a critical component of expanding the economic pie is fair and equitable compensation policies. Our policies apply to all ContourGlobal employees irrespective of level, role or location. We have adopted a ‘pay for performance’ culture and reward strategy and total rewards include base salary, annual bonus, and employee benefits.

Safety First

Great operating companies lead with great health & safety performance and Contour is no exception. In 2017 we announced the most important safety initiative in our 12 year history – Target Zero which is our commitment to work with zero injury or harm in all of our businesses. 

All ContourGlobal businesses around the world adhere to the same set of health and safety standards, regardless of whether the laws of the country where the business is located are up to our standards or not.  We insist on this, not only with our own people but anyone that works for us in any capacity. This certainly makes it harder to achieve our bold objectives – the reality of the world is that the expectations about health and safety are not at the level they need to be everywhere. But inside our facilities, we expect and apply the same high standards regardless of location.

Campbell Institute

Recognizing our commitment to H&S and our outstanding performance, in 2019 Contour was admitted as a member into the prestigious Campbell Institute, a leading Health and Safety organization dedicated to eliminate workplace injury and which brings together like minded leading companies to share best practices and data to continuously improve operational performance.